To ensure enhanced life style within sustainable urban human settlements


Fulfill the aspirations of underserved, low income dwellers in urban areas by empowering them socially, economically and culturally whilst assuring redevelopment of fragmented lands through maximized market initiatives to finance the housing for the urban poor as well as government contribution and to play the lead role in sustainable Urban Settlement Development and facilitate Urban Real Estate Development.


  • We value the Social Integrity and Harmony at all endeavors minimizing disruption to people’s livelihood and social networks.
  • We are always alive to the needs and aspirations of the communities we serve by encouraging participatory decisions resulting in clear benefits to the community. 
  • We treat all our team and the members of the community we serve, the way we would like to be treated.
  • We encourage innovation, teamwork, partnership, and maintain ethical and professional standards in all our endeavors.

Sajith Premadasa

Hon. Minister of Housing & Construction

Indika Bandaranayake
Hon. Dept. Minister of Housing & Construction


Mrs. W K K Athukorala


Ministry of Housing
& Construction

About us

The Urban Settlement Development Authority (USDA) which was established in year 2008 by the Parliament Act No. 36 of 2008 is an institution functioning under the Ministry of Housing & Construction. Formulation of national policy in relation to urban settlement development and ensuring implementation of such policy along with provision of improvements of the living conditions of persons in underserved settlements are the interconnected twin objectives of the establishment of USDA.

USDA aims to re-house poor families who are in encumbered lands with no titles on the urban under-served settlements in modern neighborhoods without disturbing their livelihoods and the social networks, and thereby liberate those lands for urban redevelopment purpose. Simultaneously, Human Development Programme is being implemented to develop the socio-economic status of the households living in urban settlements.