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Development programmes for the community who live in underserved settlements are implemented by USDA under the ongoing Janasevana Housing & Settlement Development Drive with the aim of quantitative and qulitative development of housing stockpile in Sri Lanka. The foremost purpose of the programmes which are carried out in urban areas under the physical and human binary advancement access are phisical development and neck and neck social & cultural strengthning of the targeted community. Accordingly, Janasevana - Swashakthi Human Development Programme
Provision of affordable quality housing and human settlements within a planned, sustainable and healthy, environment while integrating the existing natural features into future human settlement development strategies, is given a top priority in the development approach of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL). In the light of the above, the JANASEVANA National Housing and Settlement Development Drive was formulated for the development of geographically balanced settlement structure for the country with special emphasis on the protection of the environment.
Within two percent of landmass, cities occupy half of the world's population. Further, they consume 75 percent of the world's resources and produce 75 percent of its waste. Hence, 21st century urbanization will have an increasing influence on the social structures in the cities. This will increase the responsibility of all the stakeholders including governments and city administrations. Ways have to be found to avoid social polarization in the cities and to maintain social stability in society as a whole. In this context what we have achieved is something that our country can be very proud of.

Formulation of national policy in relation to urban settlement development and ensuring implementation of such policy along with provision of improvements of the living conditions of persons in underserved settlements are the interconnected twin objectives of the establishment of Urban Settlements Development Authority (USDA) as reflected in the statement of the objective of USDA Act. No. 36 of 2008. Since 2010, USDA has joined to operate shelter and social development programmes within the overall urban development context.
Since 2010, USDA has joined to operate within the City of Colombo and suburbs with shelter and human development programme within the overall urban development context, aiming at liberating encumbered lands for urban redevelopment through rehousing of slum and shanty dwellers. Simultaneously, the human development programme of USDA did well in empowering considerable amount of people live in under-served settlements socio-economically and culturally.
Focal Point
The Ministry of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities is the focal point for the shelter development, formulates national policies and execute their implementation through a network of agencies under its portfolio. The focal point mobilizes its agencies to ensure effective implementation such policies with reference to housing development, regulating the construction industry, promoting research and training in on housing and building construction, land and property alienation, housing finance and physical infrastructure development etc.
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