Angulana Sayurupura Urban Housing Project

In consistent with the mandate of USDA, Angulana Urban Housing Project was proposed to provide decent housing primarily for the households living in disaster prone coastal belt of the North and the South Grama Niladhari Divisions of the Angulana Urban Areas.

Accordingly the cabinet approval for the stage I and II of the project were obtained to implement a project with 288 housing units.

The approved initial cost of the project was Rs. Mn 920.22. The cost of the project was revised due to the expansion of the scope of the project namely establishment of an effective environmental friendly sewer system (Anaerobic Digester System) and other on-site and off-site infrastructure development. The cabinet approval for the revised cost of Rs. Mn 1,255.59 was also obtained for Stage I & II.

The construction of the project was completed in November 2014 and the relocation of beneficiaries started in January 2015.

The steps have also been taken to clear the coastal belt by removing the previous housing units of the beneficiaries who had already been relocated to the new premises with the assistance of Department of Coast Conservation (CCD) and the Divisional Secretary of Moratuwa. The beneficiaries were selected through a survey conducted by USDA and the data was confirmed by the Divisional Secretary of Moratuwa. The priority was given to the households who were occupying in the first and second line of the limit of 15m in the coastal belt. 

No of Housing Units / Beneficiaries
TEC (Rs. Mn) 1269.0
Beneficiaries සුනාමි සහ මුහුදු ඛාදනයෙන් පීඩා විඳින ප‍්‍රජාව හා නාගරික අඩු ආදායම්ලාභී ප‍්‍රජාව
Typology  G+8
Size of a housing unit
(Inclusive of open area)
656  sq. ft.
Construction Sri Lanka State Engineering Corporation
Project Management

 Department of Building

State Development & Construction Corporation