Saubhagya Praja Shakthi

Empowering of urban underserved communities for sustainable development while ensuring their wellbeing through active community participation


  • Community need identification 
  • Strengthening of Community Based Organisations (CBOs)
  • “මතින් නිදහස් ජනාවාසයක්” Implementation of drug prevention and rehabilitation programme
  • “සුව දිවිමග” Community health promotional programme


Human Development Progress

June, 2022
May, 2022
April, 2022
March, 2022
February, 2022
January, 2022

Future / Scheduled Programmes for the month of July

Key Intervention Code Item Sub Program Annual No of programs Target Programmes per Month Venue Quarter
Saubhagya Praja ShakthiSP 1.1Community need identification24---
Saubhagya Praja ShakthiSP 1.2Strengthening of Community Based Organisations (CBOs)243Mulimweediya, Badiwawa, Mahara 7
Saubhagya Praja ShakthiSP 1.3"මතින් නිදහස් ජනාවාසයක්" Implementation of drug prevention and rehabilitation programme202Wattala, Divulapitiya6
Saubhagya Praja ShakthiSP 1.4"සුව දිවිමග" Community health promotional programme202Wattala, Attanagalle5
Saubhagya Praja ShakthiSP 1.5"සුවදායී පරිසරයක්" Sustainable enviromental promotional programme121Mulimweediya3
Subtotal for Saubhagya Praja Shakthi--1008-21

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