Human Development Programme

The Urban Settlement Development Authority (USDA), which was established as an Act of Parliament Act No. 36 of 2008, is an institution established to provide a better standard of living to the poor in urban low-income settlements.

Physical development programs targeting low-income settlements, as well as human development programs, are being activated for the real needs of the low income community. The unique feature of this program is that it is able to identify the real needs of the Panja Raja and provide the appropriate solutions, as the presentation of proposals and ideas, the preparation of plans and the implementation of the plans are done with the participation of low income community. Vision of Prosperity for the Country ”The Government Policy Manifesto” has been lined up under four major programs in the implementation of the “Swasakthi Human Development Program”.

  • Identifying community needs
  • Strengthening community based organizations
  • A free settlement on Drugs
  • Implementation of health programs

Saubhagya Praja Shakthi

  • Conducting training workshops
  • Swashakthi Self-Employment Loan Program
  • Providing market opportunity

Saubhagya Savi Bala

  • Implementation of children’s and youth programs.
  • Providing community resource centers for schools.
  • Conducting skill development and vocational training workshops.

Saubhagya Nena Bala

  • Implementation of multi-religious and multi-cultural programs.
  • Implementation of psychosocial collaboration programs

Saubhagya Divi Waruna

Empowerment of communities living in underserved urban settlements for the economic, social and cultural advancement of such communities and development of knowledge, attitude and skills of children in such settlements is a function entrusted to the Authority under the Urban Settlement Development Authority Act No. 36 of 2008 and for the attainment of this objective, “Swashakthi” human development programme has been launched at the urban settlement level by the Authority.

Human Development Progress


Physical Development Programme


Lunawa Urban Housing Project

Urban Low income community and middle income community (Cabinet approval is to be sought)


Thalawakale - Lindula Housing Project

Low Income Community of Underserved settlements living in Thalawakale Lindula UC Area


Rajgama - Ralajayapura Urban Housing Project

Urban Low income community affected by the Tsunami


Moratuwa Sayurupura Housing Project

Community living in underserved settlements located in the vulnerable areas along the coastal belt in Moratuwa


Chilaw Urban Housing Project

Sanitary Laborers of Chilaw Urban Council


Anuradhapura Thuruithurugama Housing Project

Community lived in underserved settlements influenced by flood of Malwathu Oya (and in other vulnerable areas)

Low Income Community who lived in 187 Watta, Torrington, Colombo 07

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