Awareness program on English Language at Gampaha

Awareness program for parents and children on the Gampaha District English Language Program implemented by the “Swashakthi Human Development Program” at the Urban Settlement Development Authority, Battaramulla Sethsiripaya Phase II (ii) was launched today (15) under State Minister of Urban Development, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness leadership.

The Aquinas Institute of Higher Education is planning to implement this English language training course for young children in the Gampaha District under the ‘Saubhagya Nena Bala’ program, an active sub-program under the ‘Swashakthi Human Development’ program for human development conducted by the Urban Settlement Development Authority.

Today, children are greatly inconvenienced due to their lack of knowledge of the English language when applying for employment opportunities in the private sector in this country. Accordingly, in consultation with Aquinas, a specially designed course worth around Rs. 50,000 is planned to be given to the children completely free of cost. The course runs 6 hours a day, two days a week for a period of 3 months and 144 hours. It is also planned to implement this course in four phases for 120 children this year with 30 students each in the first phase.

Knowledge of English is the foremost gateway to the modern world. We, Urban Settlement Development Authority are pleased to be able to plan such an event, especially in a context where the English language is essential today to gain new knowledge, to do business around the world, and to win their future with confidence. The inaugural session of the English Language Training Program was conducted by the Chairman of the Urban Settlement Development Authority Mr. Sampath Subasingha Arachchi with the participation of the Director General Prasanna Wickramasooriya and his staff. The course is scheduled to commence this week at Aquinas.