The proposed Thuduwegoda urban housing project is to be constructed on a land called Kudagodawaweladeniya located at Hikkaduwa Township  Grama Niladhari Division 59(A) of the Hikkaduwa Divisional Secretary Division. It will be a special project targeting low and middle income earners and will be implemented under 02 phases. The approval of the National Planning Department and the Cabinet of Ministers has been received for the implementation of the 01st phase of the project and provisions have been allocated through the Ministry.

It is proposed to construct a project with a total of 192 units comprising 32 houses under phase 01 for 32 low income families displaced by the Tsunami disaster and 160 houses under phase 02 for middle income earners and the construction cost of phase 01 will be apportioned by the Treasury and phase 02 is expected to be implemented as a Public Private Partnership in the land released after the completion of phase 01.

The two phases have been planned as separate projects with physical differences and will have difference accesses and will not share common amenities with each other. Prior to the implementation of Phase 01 of the project, the USDA conducted a socioeconomic survey and identified the need for constructing a housing project for low income earners. Further taking cognizance of the location of the project and the flourishing tourism industry in the area, a market survey was conducted to assess the demand for a middle income earner housing project. It was confirmed that there was a high demand from local and foreign buyers for a housing project for the middle class.
According to the conceptual plan of this project, it is proposed to be constructed as a low-income housing scheme comprising of 32 housing units with a floor area of 550 square feet in 02 buildings each having 4 (G+3) floors and will be equipped with elements such as the internal road network, common amenities, spaces for entertainment, the sewerage system, landscaping, a children’s park and parking lots. The estimated cost of Phase 01 is Rs. 157.9 million.

The number of targeted families has been identified as 32 by the Divisional Secretary, Hikkaduwa and the houses will be disposed to beneficiaries with the involvement of the Divisional Secretary and field officers and a part of the construction cost will be recovered in interest-free installments within a maximum period of 30 years. Accordingly, having regard to the paying capacity, it is proposed to recover a sum of Rs. 1,000,000.00 without interest within a period of 30 years and the monthly instalment expected to be levied from a beneficiary is Rs. 2,778.00. Further, the USDA also expects to charge a sum of Rs. 50,000.00 from each beneficiary for the establishment of the Management Corporation Fund. Since deeds cannot be granted to beneficiaries until the expiry of 30 years, the maintenance cost of buildings has to be borne by the USDA. Therefore, after disposing the ownership to the beneficiaries on conditional permits, it is expected to establish the Condominium Management Corporation for the maintenance, management and administration of buildings and handing over its administration to the Condominium Management Authority. In the year 2022, the project is scheduled to be implemented with the provisions of the consolidated fund. Further, preliminary procurement activities for the project have been finalized as of now.

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