Lunawa Urban Housing Project

Project Summary

No of Housing Units /Beneficiaries 356
TEC with VAT (Rs. Mn)(Revised)
Target Beneficiaries
Location of Housing Project Land called “Old Thanayam Idama” located at Moratuwa Municipal Council area
Commencement of Construction July, 2012
Target Date of Completion of Construction (Revised) 31st December, 2016
Typology G+11
Size of a housing unit 456 sq. ft.(Exclusive of open area)
Budgetary Allocation – 2016

(Rs. Mn)

Cumulative Progress as at 31.08.2016


Financial (Rs. Mn)



Current Status Ø Construction is in progress


Expected targets could not be achieved due to inadequate manpower assigned for the project by SEC.

At the end of the year 2015 the balance unutilized funds of Rs. Mn 90.00 was transferred to Model Village Programme of NHDA on the instruction of Hon. Minister.

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