Right to Information

Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016

Under the Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016, the following information officer can apply to the following Information Officer through RTI 01 through application form. Submission of this application is not mandatory.

1. Obtain a written RTI 01 application or letter for information or a verbal request or a letter acknowledging receipt of the information officer.

2. Will be notified within 14 days whether you can provide information relevant to your request.

3.  If it is decided to give you the requested information, it will be sent to you if you have to pay a fee prescribed by the Commission. If you choose to obtain the information, you will be provided with the information within 14 days, free of charge or on payment of a fee.

4.  If it is difficult to provide the information within 14 days after the payment of the fee, the Information Officer will give you the requested information within an additional period of not more than 21 days stating the reasons for extending that period.

5.  Requests for information regarding any citizen’s life and personal liberty will be answered within 48 hours of receiving the request.

Download RTI 01 Application

Download RTI 10 Application

Designated Officer (Vacant)

Director General

Urban Settlement Development Authority

9th Floor

Sethsiripaya Stage I


Tele : +9411 2887721

e-mail : rtiappealofficer@usda.gov.lk

Information Officer

K K W Thushari P De Silva

Director (Planning & Monitoring)

Urban Settlement Development Authority

9th Floor

Sethsiripaya Stage I


Tele : +9411 2886398

e-mail : informationofficer@usda.gov.lk

Notice made under Section 26 of the Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016

Fees for obtaining information

# Method of providing information Charges (Rs.)
1.For an applicationFree of charge
2.A4 size photocopies (first four pages)Free of charge
3.A4 size photocopies (per page)2.00
4.Legal and A3 size photocopies (per page)4.00
5.Photocopies larger than A3 (per page)Actual cost
6.A4 size printer copy4.00
7. Legal and A3 size printer copy4.00
8.A printer copy larger than the A3 sizeActual cost
9.Providing information to an electronic device provided by an applicant - per item20.00
10.Providing information to an electronic device provided by the organizationActual cost
11.Providing specimen samplesActual cost
12.If a document or subject is examined or studied or examined in the field of construction50 per hour
(First hour free)
13.Provide information by emailFree of charge

Right to Information Commission of Sri Lanka

Name Designation e-mail
Mr. Mahinda GammampilaChairmanrti.commission16@gmail.com
Ms. Kishali Pinto-JayawardenaMemberrtikishalipintojayawardena@gmail.com
Mr. S.G. PunchihewaMemberpunchihewa3@gmail.com
Justice Rohini WalgamaMemberprwalgama@gmail.com
Dr. Selvy ThiruchandranMemberrtiselvyt@gmail.com


Rooms No 203-204, Block 2,

BMICH, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,

Colombo 07

e-mail : rti.commission16@gmail.com

Tele : +9411 2691625/ +9411 2691007

Fax : +9411 2691625



Download Gazette Extra Ordinary No 2006/43

Download Gazette Extra Ordinary No 2004/66

RTI Annual Reports of USDA

2020 RTI Annual Report
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