“Swashakthi” Human Development Programme

Key Intervention: 2 - Savbhagya Savibala

Sub Intervention: 2.1

Conducting training programs/workshops aimed to promote micro/small-scale entrepreneurs

How to increase product value and presenting a quality product to the market
Programme summary:

There are many self-employed people in Sri Lanka today living in urban underserved communities who are deprived of basic necessities to enhance their products. As a result, they are reluctant to come forward as strong entrepreneurs due to lack of adequate knowhow, guidance, monetary constrains and experience.

This training was conducted after carefully analyzing the observations and suggestions of the participants who were represented during ‘Siyane – Avurudu Mela’ last April. As a preliminary training in a series of training programs, a zoom meeting was convened on 31st May for selected small-scale entrepreneurs on ‘How to increase product value and presenting a quality product to the market’ jointly organized by USDA and the Small Entrepreneurship Development (SED) Division of Gampaha District. Ms. Dhamitha Narasinghe, Asst. Director, SED Gampaha District conducted the programme providing technical guidance with expert knowledge on areas of concern. 57 small-scale entrepreneurs and the staff of the social mobilization division participated for the programme. The participants were provided with expert knowledge, various methods and solutions on how to present quality products to market.

Providing essential and relevant knowledge and guidance to self-employers of the urban underserved communities has a huge impact on their small scale businesses. The training along with proper technical guidance and assistance will further strengthen and build the capacity of the micro/small scale entrepreneurs to rise up as better and skilled entrepreneurs.

The series of training programmes will continue focusing on the main subject areas related to product improvement, packaging and presenting a quality product that will be beneficial for the small-scale entrepreneurs.