Thalawakele Lindula Housing Project

The Thalawakele-Lindula Housing Project, implemented by Urban Settlement Development Authority (USDA) has been planned to provide housing solutions to the low income people in three underserved settlements in the Hill Country. These settlements, located in t he center of the Thalawakele-Lindula urban area, are in a squalid and deteriorating condition unfit for human living. The new housing units in the project were built through a participatory development approach in association with the beneficiary families and their communities. The Department of National Planning approved this Project and the provision of Rs. 78.4 Million to construct 54 housing units. The project is ready to be vested in public.


No. of Housing Units / Beneficiaries 54
TEC (Rs. Mn) (Revised)            78.40
Target Beneficiaries Low income community living in underserved settlements in Thalawakale Urban Council area ( “Uda Laima” and Underserved Settlements near Old Market)
Location of Housing Project Holyrood Estate located in Nuwara Eliya Divisional Secretariat area
Commencement of Construction May, 2013
Typology Single Housing Project
Size of a housing unit 550 sq. ft
Cumulative Progress as at 29.02.2016
Financial (Rs. Mn)
(inclusive of accrued expenditure amounting to Rs. Mn 24.00 transferred from Seethawakapura ceased housing project )
Current Status House construction is nearing completion. Provision of off-site infrastructure facilities is to be made utilizing the balance funds of Rs. Mn 24.00 (transferred from Seethawakapura ceased housing project)