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In order to improve the quality of life for communities living in urban underserved settlements around the island, the Social Development Program is being implemented under 4 key interventions.

Community Participatory Programme

Empowering urban underserved communities for sustainable development while ensuring their wellbeing through active community participation (Through drug prevention, health and environmental programmes)

Educational Programme

Improving the competencies of the urban underserved children and youth to access decent employment opportunities through basic education, skills and vocational training programmes.

Self-Employment Programme

Uplifting economic well-being of the urban underserved communities through self-employment and entrepreneurship development programmes.

Cultural, Religious and Skill Development Programme

Promoting social cohesion among diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-religious urban underserved communities and ensuring their aesthetic wellbeing programmes.


The Urban Settlement Development Authority (USDA),which was established in 2008 by Parliament Act No. 36 of 2008, is an institution functioning under the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. The formulation of national policy in relation to urban settlement development and ensuring implementation of such policy, along with the provision of improvements to the living conditions of people in underserved settlements, are the interconnected twin objectives of the establishment of USDA.


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