Project Name

Design & Build And Financing Of Middle - Income Housing Project At Nittambuwa



Project Cost

Target Beneficiaries

No of Housing Units

No of Housing Units

Area of Housing Units

Area of Housing Units

Project Duration

Land Extent

Province - Western Province
District - Gampaha
DS Division - Attangalla
GN Division - Malwatta

Rs. MN. 5,146.18 (Approximate)

Retired High Ranking Officers In Government , Semi Government & Private Sector

Single Story H/U - 35
Two Story H/U - 50
G + 9 Apartment Blocks - 02 (2B Apartments - 144)

750 SQ. FT (Single Story H/U)
950 SQ. FT (Two Story H/U )
1000 SQ. FT (2B Apartment)

2023 - 2025

3.0862 Ha


The Urban Settlement Development Authority (USDA),which was established in 2008 by Parliament Act No. 36 of 2008, is an institution functioning under the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. The formulation of national policy in relation to urban settlement development and ensuring implementation of such policy, along with the provision of improvements to the living conditions of people in underserved settlements, are the interconnected twin objectives of the establishment of USDA.


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